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Only put out a maximum of 4 bulk items at a time on your 2nd collection day

This alphabetical index is designed for you to be able to search the item you are looking to dispose of.  Click on your item & you will find information on how to prepare your item for disposal & where it is accepted at. In addition to the list, the following items are NEVER accepted by any of the town's facilities:

Commercial/Institutional waste  l  Explosives  l  Fire Extinguishers  l  Large Drums 

Medical Waste  l  Radioactive Items  l  Tanks (acetylene, helium, propane)


Other informative documents:

(1) Managing and Disposing of Household Hazardous Waste  



Con- Pi







Acetylene Tanks

Not accepted by the Town. Must return to gas dealer. Top of List

Aluminum Foil

Includes foil, disposable foil pie plates, broiler pans, food take-out containers. Items are to be rinsed, crumpled, and put into Curby Can for collection on Wednesdays. Regular pots or pans, solid (non-foil) aluminum, knives, forks,  & other small appliances are not acceptable. Top of List

Animal Bodies

There is no collection for animal bodies. You may bring them to the Town Landfill for a fee. Top of List

Animal Waste

Household pet waste only. Bag & place in regular household garbage. Commercially generated animal waste, & livestock waste are not accepted. Top of List

Appliances, large (scrap metal)

To include air conditioners, metal bathtubs, swing sets, water heaters, metal lawn furniture, metal pool frames, pots/pans, auto engines, chain link fence, fence poles, boat trailers, bicycles, household hardware, barbecue grills, lawnmowers, & decorative metal fencing. First place items at curb & then call waste management (451-8696) to make a pick-up appointment.

  • doors must be removed on refrigerators & freezers
  • remove concrete & non-metalic parts
  • remove fluids from auto engines & lawn mowers
  • dismantle metal sheds
  • chain link fence must be cut to 20' lengths, rolled & tied
  • boat trailers must be disassembled
  • fence poles, swing sets, gazebos, tents, basketball hoops, etc. must be dismantled & free of concrete


Not accepted: oil, propane tanks, chicken wire, wire animal cages. Top of List

Auto Parts

To include tires (rims removed), plastic/rubber/fabric/non-metallic parts. Items must be drained of all fluids and are to be put out with household waste. Bulk items are to be put out at the last collection day of the week. Maximum of 4 bulk items can be put out at one time.


Not accepted: Metal. Parts over 50lbs, windshields, & seats may be brought to Town landfill. Non-recyclables will be charged a fee. Top of List

Bathtub, metal

Considered a 'large appliance'. First, place item at curb & then call Waste Management (451-8696) to schedule a pick-up time. Top of List


Household (includes AA, AAA, C, D, 9v). All alkaline batteries may be placed in regular household garbage.


Nickel/Cadmium/Mercury/Lithium (includes hearing aids, watches, cell phones, computers, etc.). These items are NOT to be placed in your household garbage. Contact your local electronics store for drop-off locations or visit Earth 911 ( These items may also be brought to the STOP facility at the Landfill in Brookhaven at no fee. 


Car/Truck/Boat- These batteries are not collected at curbside but can be recycled at the Landfill in Brookhaven at no fee. Batteries must be undamaged. Top of List


To include bare springs; folding, metal, wood & water frames; box springs; headboards; mattress. Beds must be dismantled; each part will be considered a bulk item. Put items out for carter pickup; bulk items go out on the last collection day of the week, maximum of 4 are allowed.


Not accepted: no metal frames, no old fashioned exposed box springs. See 'appliances, large' for disposal information. Top of List



Considered large appliance/scrap metal. May be voluntarily recycled by placing at curbside & then calling Waste Management (451-8696) to make a pick-up appointment. Bicycles may also be brought to the Landfill at Brookhaven at no fee. Top of List


Whole or cut up boats are not collected & may be brought to the Town landfill for a fee. Boat seats/cushions are accepted as bulk items & may be placed curbside on the last collection day of the week. Top of List

Carpets, rugs

These items are collected by the carter & are to be cut in 6' lengths, rolled, & tied. Do not fold carpets or roll padding inside carpet. Do not fold. Top of List

Cardboard (including corrugated)

Corrugated cardboard is made of 2 layers of heavy cardboard with a ribbed section between them. Cardboard is collected every Wednesday with all recyclables. Cardboard can be bundled and tied or placed in a Curby Can for collection.

 Waxed cartons used for liquids such as juice, milk or soups are acceptable.  Please rinse before putting in your Curby Can. 
Top of List

Cans (aerosol, aluminum, metal)

Cans are collected as Recycling every Wednesday. Cans include food, beverage, & aerosol cans. Prepare cans for collection by rinsing them clean, placing loose lids inside cans, & leaving the labels on. Aerosol cans are to be emptied & tops must be removed. Crushed cans are accepted.


Not accepted: cardboard cans with metal rims (i.e. frozen orange juice), containers with hazardous residue such as paint, oven cleaner, or medical waste (i.e. syringes). Top of List

Cell Phones

Cell phones are considered a 'recyclable electronic' & may be brought to the Town landfill at no fee. They can also be donated to the Town's Senior Citizen Office to be reconfigured for 911 calls or can be brought to your local electronics store. Go to or to find the nearest drop off locations. Do NOT place phones in Curby Cans. Top of List


There is no collection for cement. It may be brought to the Town landfill for a  fee. Top of List


There is no collection for chemicals. To prevent contamination of our groundwater, these items may be brought to the STOP facility at the Town landfill. Prior to drop off, your items must be clearly labeled & sealed in containers. At the facility you will have to show proof of residency. No commercial waste will be accepted & items disposed of cannot be returned.


Not accepted: explosives, medical waste, commercial/institutional waste, large drums (40-55 gallon size), radioactive materials, propane, acetylene, helium, & oxygen tanks, & fire extinguishers. Top of List

Christmas Trees

Can be collected at the curb, separate from garbage, as brush on Sunday nights preceding leaf weeks (do not bag). There is a special week for Christmas trees to allow them to be recycled (please check the calendar). If over 6 feet must be cut in half or brought to the Town landfill. Make sure to remove any stands, lights, ornaments, bags etc. Artificial trees are NOT accepted. Top of List


Clothing is considered as a 'voluntary recyclable' & is not collected by the Town. Items may be dropped off at the Town landfill or Manorville Compost Facility at no charge.  Top of List

Coals, cold

May be bagged & placed in household garbage. Warm/hot coals are NOT accepted. Top of List


Computers are not picked up by the Town. They may be brought to the Town landfill at no cost. You can also call LINCT 631-728-9100 for PC Computers (Pentium IV or higher). Visit or to find disposal locations.Top of List

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are not collected by the town. They may be brought to the Town landfill at a fee. Materials must be brought in non-commercial cars with single-axle trailers, pick-ups, or vans. Top of List


Items for collection include small do-it-yourself projects (scrap lumber, tiles, boards, insulation, flooring, shingles, pvc pipe, planks, panels, pegboards, sawdust, & pallets). These items may be put out on your last collection day & are to be prepared as such:

  • bags or containers (not to exceed 50lbs)
  • bundled & tied0 no larger than 4'x2'x2'
  • if in container, items may not stick out above top of can
  • nails must be removed or hammered flat
  • large panels (chipboard, plywood etc.) must be cut in half; each half is one bulk item


Not accepted: major homeowner construction, commercial C & D debris, concrete, cement, asphalt, & work done by a contractor. The above non-acceptable items may be brought to the Town landfill at a fee. Top of List


Doors are accepted as household waste & include solid wood, wood garage, & wood bi-fold, hollow wood. Solid wood doors are to be cut in half; Wood garage must have each panel cut in half. No cutting is required for wood bifolds or hollow wood doors. Each cut piece is one bulk item.


Not accepted: metal or glass doors Top of List


Electronics are not collected by the Town but may be brought to the Town landfill at no fee for recycling. At the landfill, an e-waste recycling company will provide safe processing & recycling of these items. Some of these items include PCs, cell phones, PDAs, copiers, CD ROMs, projectors, circuit boards, etc. Other options include visiting or to find electronic drop off locations nearest you. For PCs (Pentium IV or higher) you can call LINCT at 631-728-9100. Top of List


Includes stockade, wood rail/spilt rail, & picket. These types of fencing are collected by the Town as household waste. Stockade must be cut in half from top to bottom; Wood rail/split are to be cut in half, each half is 1 bulk item. Loose pickets & lightweight cut rails can be bundled. Bundles must be under 50lbs & be no larger than 4'x2'x2'.


Chain Link- Considered 'scrap metal recyclable' & is collected at curbside by appointment. Collection is separate from other recycling collection. Place at curb prior to calling the town at 451-8696. Fencing must be cut to 20' lengths, rolled & tied.


Wire- Includes chicken/turkey wire, mesh, & wire animal cages. These items are not collected by the Town but may be brought to the Town landfill for a fee. Top of List

Fire Extinguisher

There is no collection for fire extinguishers. Contact your local fire department. Top of List

Fluorescent Bulbs

Collected as household waste. To prepare for pick up, wrap, tape, & label your bulbs 'glass'. If too long, place at curb as bulk item for collection on Thursday/Friday. Fluorescent bulbs can also be recycled at the STOP facility. Top of List

Foil Containers

See Aluminum Foil. Top of List


Includes couches, chairs, Consoles, recliners, tables, shelving units, lamps, dressers, etc. Items are to be collected with household waste. Bulk items are collected on the last collection day of the week, maximum of 4 bulk items are allowed. Prepare items by bundling loose debris no larger than 4'x2'x2'. Bulk items must be placed next to regular garbage at curb, not separate. Ping pong/pool tables must be cut in half, each half is one bulk item. Sofa beds will be picked up by appointment (451-8696). 


Not accepted: metal items. See Appliances, large (includes scrap metal) Top of List

Glass (including bottles & jars)

Includes clear, green, & brown glass bottles & jars. These are mandatory recycling items and are to be placed in your Curby Can with your other recyclables for Wednesday pick up. To prepare items for disposal, rinse clean.


Mirrors, ceramics, & other glass are to be sealed in a box, wrapped, taped, & marked as 'glass'. These items are collected with household waste. See Mirrors.


Not accepted: window panes, drinking glasses, unsupported plate glass, or Pyrex. Containers with hazardous residue/medical waste & broken glass are also not accepted. Top of List

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials are never collected by the Town & must be brought to the STOP facility located at the Town landfill in Brookhaven. Accepted materials include automotive, lawn/garden, household, & other products such as asbestos, mercury, photographic & swimming pool chemicals, etc. 


Hours of operation:


April 1-Oct 31: Wednesdays & Saturdays, 8am-12 noon.

Nov 1-March 31: Saturdays, 8am-12 noon.


The Town cannot accept household hazardous waste outside of these hours of operation. Top of List 


License Plates

Metal license plates are a mandatory recyclable & must be placed in your Curby Can for co-mingled recycling on Wednesdays (see recycling calendar). Top of List  

Medical Waste

Includes syringes, sharps, IV tubes, dressings. Prepare by sealing in a capped impermeable container with a small amount of bleach in the bottom. Place container in regular garbage or contact local medical facility for safe drop-off. Do NOT place in curby recycling container. Top of List 


Seal in a box or wrap & tape & mark as 'glass'. No unsupported plate glass or recyclable glass containers will be accepted. Top of List


See Electronics. Top of List 

Motor Oil

Used motor oil & motor oil filters are voluntary recyclables & are not collected by the Town. They are accepted at the Landfill & Manorville Compost Facility. Motor oil is also accepted at the Holtsville Ecology Park (Buckley Rd, Holtsville) & Ralph's Fishing Station (Cedar Beach, Mt. Sinai). Up to 10 gallons of motor oil placed in 5 gallon (or less) containers are accepted at no fee.


Not accepted: Do NOT dump oil (or filters) down storm drains, in street, yard, or in regular garbage. Motor oil that is mixed with cleaners, solvents, etc. will not be accepted. For contaminated oil, see Hazardous Materials. Top of List 

Oil burners, tanks

These items are not collected by the Town. Oil burners/tanks less than 275 gallons, call Waste Management at 451-8696 for updated information. Top of List 

Paint, Paint cans

Latex- Remove lids, let paint dry out, & place in regular garbage. Liquid paint is NOT accepted.


Oil Base- Must be brought to the STOP facility located at the Town landfill. See Hazardous Materials. Top of List 

Paper Recycling

Paper items can be placed curbside in your Curby or bundled and tied for recycling every Wednesday. With Single-Stream, all paper products can be placed in the same container as your other recyclables.

Paper items that can be recycled include brown paper bags,
corrugated cardboard, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, mixed paper, & newspapers.


Brown Paper Bags- Prepare by placing in brown paper grocery bags or tie in bundles with twine. Can also be reused.


Junk Mail/Catalogs/Magazines/Mixed Paper- Place in Curby Can. 

Shredded paper should be put in clear plastic bags and placed out for recyclable collection on Wednesdays.

Not Accepted: Plastic bags, carbon paper, blueprints.  


Newspapers- Includes anything printed on newsprint & any inserts that come with your regular newspaper. Prepare by placing in brown paper grocery bags or bundling with twine or placing in your Curby Can for Wednesday collection. Only clean newspaper will be accepted.


Not Accepted: soiled newspapers, plastic bags, plastic string or wire. Please do NOT set out loose newspapers.

Top of List 

Pianos, organs

No collection by the Town. May be brought to the Town landfill at a fee. Top of List 

Pick-up Truck Caps

No collection by the Town. Can be brought to the Town landfill for a fee. Top of List


Includes plastic containers exhibiting the symbol #1 - 7. Plastic containers are a mandatory recyclable & are to be placed in your Curby Can for Wednesday pickup. Prepare by rinsing plastics clean. Lids & labels may be left on. Crushed containers still accepted.


Not Accepted: Styrofoam, plastic bags (even if marked #2), motor oil containers, unmarked containers, containers with hazardous residue. Top of List 


Includes molded plastic, soft plastic, & above ground. These items are considered household waste & can be placed next to regular household garbage. Prior to disposal, liners & soft plastic must be cut to 6' lengths, rolled, & tied. Each roll is 1 bulk item. Bulk items are collected on the last collection day of the week. A maximum of 4 bulk items will be collected.


Not Accepted: metal frames, rails, sand-filled filters. Metal items may be called into office for metal collection. Top of List 

Pool, ping-pong table

Considered household waste & will be collected by the carter. Place at curb next to household garbage. Bulk items are collected on the last collection day of the week, a maximum of 4 are collected. Prior to disposal, cut table in half. Each half is considered 1 bulk item. Top of List  

Propane Tanks

No collection by the Town. Return to gas dealer. Top of List 


See Construction/Demolition. Top of List

Railroad Ties

No collection by the Town. Must be brought to the Town landfill for a fee. Top of List 

Smoke Detectors

Can be placed in your regular household garbage for carter pickup. Top of List 

Swing Set

Call for a curbside appointment (451-8696). Place at curb prior to calling. You must also remove all concrete & non metallic parts. Must be dismantled. Top of List 


Televisions are part of the Electronics Recycling Program. To recycle your TV, you may bring it to the Town landfill at no fee.


Note: TVs are not collected for recycling by the Town, therefore, do NOT place them in your Curby Can or at the curb on Wednesdays. Rear projection televisions only - call for special collection. Top of List


Tires are considered household waste & are collected by the carter. Prior to disposal, you must remove the rims from the tire/s. Place next to garbage container at the curb for Thursday/Friday pickup. Top of List 


Includes metal, plastic, & fabric. Small plastic toys are recyclable and should be placed at the curb with your Recyclables on Wednesday. Other small metal and fabric toys can be bagged or thrown in regular household garbage. Large toys are considered bulk items & are collected on the last collection day of the week. A maximum of 4 bulk items are allowed for pick up. Prior to disposal, you must label large toys as 'garbage'. Another option is to donate toys in good condition to the less fortunate. Top of List 


Includes small toys, small bric-a-brac cold coals, cold wood ashes. May be placed in no larger than 32 gallon garbage cans weighing no more than 50 lbs.  Any glass must be wrapped safely. Coals/ashes/Styrofoam peanuts must be bagged (Styrofoam peanuts can be recycled at local packaging stores). 


Not accepted: hazardous, explosive, or radioactive materials, butcher waste, loose or warm coals or ashes. Top of List   


Vehicles (abandoned)

On the street- Call Vehicle Control at 451-8696.

On private property- Call Waste Management at 451-8696

Top of List

Waste Oil

See Motor Oil. Top of List


Includes wood & plastic frame. Windows are considered bulk items under household waste & can be put out at the curb next to your household garbage on the last collection day of the week. Maximum of 4 bulk items are allowed. Prepare windows by taping any glass on both sides. Large windows must be cut to 6 feet, each section is 1 bulk item. For metal frames, contact Waste Management at 451-8696. Windows can also be brought to the Town landfill but a fee will be charged for all non-recyclables. Top of List


See Construction/Demolition. Top of List

Yard Waste

Includes brush, twigs, branches, small tree trunks (6" in diameter), wood chips, hedge clippings, christmas trees, leaves/acorns/weeds, thatch/hay/mulch, pines cones/needles, non-woody plants, & dead plants. Yard waste is collected on designated yard waste weeks (check recycling calendar) & must be placed at the curb on Sunday nights preceding the collection week.  

For brush, branches, twigs, small tree trunks, wood chips, & hedge clippings prepare by securely bundling & bagging in brown paper bags, or place in 32 gallon garbage cans, lid removed (bundles preferred). Bundles must be no larger than 4'x2'x2' & weigh no more than 50lbs.   

Not Accepted: no large branches (over 6" in diameter), logs or stumps; brush may not protrude above rims of container, no dirt or leaves, no artificial trees, wreaths, bags, etc.  

For leaves, acorns, weeds, thatch, hay, weeds, pine cones & needles, non-woody & dead plants prepare by bagging them in paper bags, exceeding no more than 50lbs. Please note: beginning April 1, 2013 plastic bags are no longer acceptable.

Not Accepted: no grass clippings, logs or stumps, loose items in cans, dirt, plastic bags.

 Note: Grass clippings are never accepted by the Town for pickup. They may be brought to the Manorville Compost Facility for free. You can also use them to start your own home composting project. Large branches, logs, trees, or stumps can be brought to the Town landfill for free.

Top of List