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Town of Brookhaven
Waste Management
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9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Vendor or Hauler Qualification Application
All Haulers, Vendors, and other Contractors who wish to deliver Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) or Alternate Daily Cover Material (ADCM) to the landfill must apply for approval. All Vendors, Haulers and other contractors must fill out the appropriate application, submit the application fee, provide fingerprints, and undergo a background check. Please note that all ADCM must be pre-approved by the Commissioner or Chief Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Waste Management prior to the acceptance of any ADCM delivery.  
Please call 631.451.6222 for additional questions about the application or ADCM approval process.

Hauler/Vendor Qualification Application
The Town accepts paper and online submissions. Simply click the appropriate application below in Step 1 to print and submit an application, with payment, to: Town of Brookhaven,  Department of Waste Management, 3rd Floor, 1 Independence Hill, Farmingville, NY 11738. Click here for directions to Brookhaven Town Hall.

Online Application and Payment
You can submit the application and pay in two easy steps.

Step 1.  Submit your electronic application.  Please read the short description of each application to select the appropriate application for your business enterprise. Click the appropriate application and complete it online. Select Submit by Email once complete. Remember to save a copy for your records and return the notarized pages to the Town. You may save the application to your computer hard drive, flash drive, or other device to complete the application at a later date.

Vendors Qualification Application.  If you or your company owns or operates a transfer station, processes C&D, and will hold primary responsibility for the payment of tip fees and composition of material delivered, click here to submit a Vendor Qualification Statement.
Hauler Qualification Application.  If you or your company only seeks to deliver material for approved vendors, click here to complete a Hauler Qualification Statement.
Step 2.  Please print the completed application and submit it with a check for $900.