Stakeholders and Advisors

Mastic and Shirley residents in cooperation with their community organizations played a prominent role in the efforts to restore the Forge River and its tributaries.
Save the Forge River, a non-profit environmental advocacy organization, was established specifically to address the condition of the River, its tributaries and the greater watershed. They have been instrumental in brining attention to the plight of the Forge River.  Environmental organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Peconic Baykeeper, and others have also contributed to the dialog. The Poospatuck Indian Nation borders the estuary and has a strong interest in the health of the waters. The Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organization Waterways Homeowners Association, Mastic-Shirley Chamber of Commerce, Manor Park Civic Association, and the William Floyd Community Summit have all been involved in the efforts to address Forge River problems and find solutions.

The Forge River Task Force, formed in 2005 by the Town of Brookhaven developed a strategy to restore Forge River health. It worked with the NYS DEC to place the estuary on the State's Impaired Waters List  and, along with
Save the Forge River, played an advocacy role in securing federal funding for the river.

The Forge River Task Force provided oversight for watershed research and was crucial to the development of the Forge River Watershed Management Plan.




  • Tony Leung, NYSDEC
  • Larry Swanson, SoMAS, SUNY Stony Brook
  • Michael Jensen, Suffolk County Department of Health Services
  • Caroline McCabe, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Jeffrey Kassner, Town of Brookhaven, Division of Environmental Protection
  • Veronica King, Town of Brookhaven, Division of Environmental Protection
  • Dan Panico, Town of Brookhaven, Council District 6
  • Kevin McAllister, Peconic Baykeeper
  • Ronald Lupski, Save the Forge River



Forge River Watershed
 Funded by the NYS Department of State

Forge River Watershed
This project was prepared, in part, for the New York State Department of State, Division of Coastal Resources, with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund - NYS State Comptroller's Contract Number 006705 & 006908