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The Towns of Brookhaven and Islip Announce Intermunicipal Agreement to seek funding for the Ronkonkoma Hub
September 19, 2011

Brookhaven and Islip will work cooperatively to seek funding for a sewage treatment plant and other infrastructure needs

The Town of Brookhaven Issues Request for Qualifications for a Master Developer for the Ronkonkoma Hub Transit-Oriented Development

Farmingville, NY – On September 19, 2011, Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko and Islip Supervisor Phil Nolan announced an historic and first-ever collaboration between Suffolk’s two largest towns to spur business development and job creation around the Ronkonkoma Long Island Railroad Station and MacArthur Airport.

The Town Boards of Brookhaven and Islip will be considering an intermunicipal agreement at their board meetings on Tuesday, September 20 to cooperate and collaborate on seeking funding for a sewage treatment plant and infrastructure improvements at the Ronkonkoma Hub.

A sewage treatment plant will spur the redevelopment of the 50-acre Ronkonkoma Hub Transit-Oriented Development surrounding the Ronkonkoma Train Station in the Town of Brookhaven and the expansion of Long Island MacArthur Airport in the Town of Islip, as well as encourage business development along the Long Island MacArthur Airport Corridor in Islip.

“The Ronkonkoma Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is a transformative project for not just the Long Island region, but the entire East Coast. The collaboration between the Towns of Brookhaven and Islip will maximize the opportunity to create jobs at the Ronkonkoma Hub,” said Supervisor Mark Lesko.

“This project is going to create jobs in the short-term and long-term,” said Islip Supervisor Phil Nolan, “We know that this project is going to be a home-run for everyone who uses the Ronkonkoma Hub, and we hope that this sets the standard for intermunicipal cooperation in the future.”

“This agreement will undoubtedly assist in solidifying development for the Ronkonkoma Hub. We recognize that development must happen in a spirit of cooperation and participation for all involved. I thank Supervisor Nolan for his efforts in working cooperatively with the Town of Brookhaven on this important agreement,” said Brookhaven Town Councilman Tim Mazzei.

“The redevelopment of the Ronkonkoma Hub will have a significant impact throughout the entire region, not only Brookhaven Town. The Ronkonkoma Hub will improve the quality of life for people in the surrounding communities. The partnership between the Town of Brookhaven and Islip will make the potential for economic impact greater,” said Deputy Supervisor/Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh.

"I applaud Supervisors Lesko and Nolan for coming together to create much needed jobs for our region. The Ronkonkoma Hub is certainly a catalytic project that will not only result in new jobs and business development, but will also be a vibrant destination and an attractive place for young people to live and work,” said Kevin Law, President and CEO of the Long Island Association.

“This action between the two Towns is absolutely unprecedented and will clearly give impetus to comprehensive economic development, especially as it relates to the redevelopment of the hub and expansion of the airport,” said Desmond Ryan, Executive Director for Association for a Better Long Island.

"The Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization looks forward to working with both the Town of Brookhaven and the Town of Islip as we continue to engage the community in the development opportunity at the Ronkonkoma Hub," stated Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization President, George Schramm.

The Town of Brookhaven also is issuing a Request for Qualifications for a Master Developer for the Ronkonkoma Hub which will be available the afternoon of September 19, 2011. The Town of Brookhaven created this RFQ based on responses from its Request for Expression of Interest it received on June 30, 2011.

Town of Brookhaven hopes to have a new Main Street center at Ronkonkoma with a mix of office space, housing, shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Ronkonkoma is a unique TOD because of several reasons:

  • Location - the redevelopment is steps away from the busiest station of the entire LIRR with upwards of 14,000 riders per day. It takes about an hour to get from Ronkonkoma to Manhattan. In addition, the Ronkonkoma station also has easy access to Long Island McArthur Airport, and is minutes from the Long Island Expressway. The TOD is close to major research assets including Stony Brook University and Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Town is partnering with these institutions to turn their groundbreaking research into new businesses and jobs. The TOD has the potential to become the next home, office, or trendy and exciting destination for these new young workers and spin-off companies.
  • Municipal Support and Investment – the Town of Brookhaven has been driving the process to redevelop its side of the Ronkonkoma Hub. In 2007, the Town of Brookhaven, in conjunction with civic organizations and land owners, embarked upon a two phased planning study aimed at revitalizing the hub area comprising multiple blocks around the Ronkonkoma Railroad Station. The Town also issued the RFEI in March 2011, which guided the formulation of the RFQ.
  • Community Support- the Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization is in support of the redevelopment. The Town engaged Ronkonkoma’s civic community early in the process. The Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization helped lead the RFEI pre-responders site tour and is part of the Ronkonkoma Hub design team. The Town has held seven community meetings in connection with the land-use plan.
Interested developers may obtain the RFQ by contacting the Purchasing Department at (631) 451-6252 starting the afternoon of September 19. Responses are due by October 28, 2011 and there will be a pre-bidders conference and site tour on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. The Design Committee will make a recommendation to the Town Board for a Master Developer by December 7, 2011. If any developers have questions, they can email


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